Unfortunately, there are no summer camp dates for 2017. However, please look out for possible events in 2018.



Embody the experience of all who share time at Standing Rock Camp; thus, each boy will spend time focused on finding their footing on the solid rock of God as:




They learn to see in themselves the image of God—a creative Poet, Musician, and Artist who has authored all creation. As part of creating they learn to harness their talents to express and celebrate their creative aspect.


They learn God is worth their dependence, patience and trust—He is a bold warrior who provides for and rescues them. As part of trusting, they learn they must prioritize His guidance through His Word and actively choose His way over their own or the world’s.


They learn thankfulness and the expression of it—God is worthy of our praise for who He is and for what He has done for us. As part of praising they learn to marvel at and study God’s works, and to praise Him privately and publicly.

What does it mean to become a man?



The transition from boyhood to manhood today has become marred and muddied by a broken culture intent on sending mixed messages to boys about the true characteristics of a "real man."


Young men need role models from whom they can experience the lifeline of love which originates from God; they need clear codes of accountability to hold them to a higher standard; and they need to confront the reality that runs counter to today's culture: "it's not about me."



Standing Rock Camp exists to help boys experience God as Father, full of everlasting greatness and love. Centered on the truth embedded in Psalm 40, Standing Rock Camp strives to guide each young man toward realizing his irrevocable purpose as an authentic man and as a son of God.


Allows boys to explore Biblical truths of manhood through opportunities for intrinsic, collaborative, and mentor-led growth. The active rhythm of camp stresses work, play, and times for reflection, praise, and rest. Boys and leaders alike have opportunities to form deep bonds with one another while living in close community and overcoming challenges alongside each other. Furthermore, as boys begin to view themselves as sons of God, they will begin to speak positively about themselves, watching as God removes sentiments of shame that can plague today’s young men.

. . . is the rock. He is the firm place to stand. He is the standing rock on which this camp is built.